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Stephen Pollard - Professional Profile

Stephen is a Canadian born Lighting Designer with an extensive background in concert lighting and set design. Stephen has toured internationally and designed concert productions for a diverse group of well known artists that include Simple Minds, Linkin Park, Adele, U2, Psychedelic Furs, and Herbie Hancock.  Stephen brings his experience with stadium size touring productions to all projects while his attention to the smallest detail has become his singularity. Over the past three decades Stephen’s designs have incorporated the latest advances in concert lighting, LED and video technology. The introduction of these new lighting technologies into other disciplines has allowed Stephen to pursue his interests in the fields of architectural lighting, corporate and industrial design, large scale event design, television production design, and lighting product development.

Stephen’s ability to create and then communicate his ideas effectively to clients and production staff alike ensures excellent final results consistently.  As an unaffiliated and independent designer, Stephen is able to source the latest technologies from all facets of the industry to ensure the most comprehensive, cost effective and state of the art designs. When suitable technologies have not been available, Stephen has spearheaded the development of new products and lighting technologies. These products include the ChromaQ colour changer, which has become the largest selling product of its kind in the world. Stephen’s achievements in a diverse range of creative applications bring a refined and appropriate aesthetic to every project.

Stephen received his technical education in production, set and lighting design at Ryerson University Theatre School. In 1979 he began pursuing design projects first in New York and then in the UK where he based his activities from 1982 to 1995. Now based in Toronto, Stephen continues to work internationally.

Stephen has acted in the following creative capacities for artists and clients that include:

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