Stephen Pollard - Professional Profile

Stephen Pollard is a Canadian
artist/designer with an extensive background in lighting, set and video design for concert tours.  His passion for music has guided his creative ambitions.  Over the past four decades Stephen has had the good fortune to tour internationally and design concert productions in collaboration with a diverse group of well-known musical artists that include Simple Minds, Linkin Park, Adele, U2, Psychedelic Furs, and Herbie Hancock.  

His designs form a creative amalgam with the music that inspires him.  His design purpose is to enhance and embellish an artist�s live performance by transforming cohesive, intuitive design concepts into the realization of the harmony and beauty of form and function, music and light. 

Stephen brings his experience designing stadium size touring productions to all projects with his singularity being his attention to the smallest detail.  Stephen's ability to create and then effectively communicate his many ideas to his collaborators and his production team alike ensures excellent final results consistently.

Stephen incorporates the latest advances in lighting technologies in his designs.  These include energy saving LED intelligent lighting, projection systems, video screens and motion control systems.  As an unaffiliated and independent designer, Stephen is able to source the latest technologies from all facets of the concert touring industry.  He has pursued his interests in architectural lighting, industrial design, as well as television and film production, adapting concert touring technologies to these other disciplines.   Stephen has spearheaded the development of new lighting products to achieve his design intent.  These products in turn have being used industry wide.  His achievements in a diverse range of creative applications bring a refined and appropriate aesthetic to all his work.

Stephen studied theatre production, set and lighting design at Metropolitan University Theatre School in Toronto.  In 1980 he began pursuing design projects first in New York and then in the UK .  Recently he has divided his time between London and Toronto as he continues to travel and work internationally. 

Stephen has acted in creative capacities for the following: